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Therapy always starts with us getting to know you and your specific needs. Together we work to explore how you've gotten to where you are today and come to a shared understanding of the path forward. 

Child & Adolescent Therapy

We offer therapy individualized to your specific needs. Sometimes therapy is best one on one, but other times we might suggest family therapy or therapy for you and your child together. We often work with parents, without your child present, to understand the challenges your child is experiencing and equip you with the right knowledge and tools to help your child and your family thrive. 


The early years are a special time and at Growing Roots we aim to help you build a strong foundation for development. When we can't depend on our children to verbalize what they are going through, we can help you read their behaviour instead. We use approaches such as Watch, Wait, and Wonder and Reflective Family Play as well as a variety of other dyadic and family-based interventions to help you better identify underlying needs and build security in your relationship with your littlest ones. 

Adult Therapy

We offer individual therapy for adults, addressing a wide variety of concerns and needs. Our approach is integrative in nature and tailored to you specifically. 

Therapeutic Approaches

At Growing Roots, we are experienced in, and pull from, an array of approaches including psychodynamic therapy, play-based therapy, Emotion-focused Family Therapy (EFFT), Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Exposure-Response Prevention (ERP), and many others. We are also trauma-informed. 

Regardless of what type of approach we integrate into our work together, we consistently use an attachment-based lens, which seeks to understand how your primary relationships and experiences influence your functioning today.