Meet Our Team 

Jenna Graham, BSW, MSW, RSW

Co-Founder & Registered Social Worker

Jenna works with children (including early years), teens, and adults. People begin therapy for a number of different reasons; as a therapist Jenna often works with individuals and families that are looking for support with anxiety, depression, trauma, parent-child relationships, social skills, behaviour, and so on. She seeks to understand your experience and will journey alongside you in an empathetic and non-judgemental way to help you develop new insights, process your thoughts and feelings, recognize patterns, build coping skills, repair relationships, and improve communication. Jenna aims to make the therapy space feel safe, inviting, and comfortable for all.

Jenna has received training and professional development in a number of areas including Infant and Early Childhood Mental Health, Complex Trauma, attachment-based therapies such as Circle of Security, Play Therapy, Emotion-Focused Family Therapy, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Narrative Therapy. She uses an integrated approach that is strengths-based and tailored to your needs.

Natalie Bailey

Dr. Natalie Bailey, Psy.D., C.Psych.

Co-Founder & Psychologist

Natalie works from the perspective that we are all managing something, no matter what age. She seeks to help you understand the challenges you or your child are having, explore if there are diagnosable levels of concerns, and gain insight into how relationships and environments can be optimized to help move forward. 

Natalie provides psychological assessment and therapy and works with children (including the early years), families, and adults. Natalie provides therapy and assessment for a variety of challenges including anxiety, depression, OCD, ADHD, and more. Natalie is trauma-informed, with years of experience in complex, developmental, and intergenerational trauma. 

Natalie is also trained and experienced in a variety of treatment approaches that can be integrated into both therapy and assessment, including elements of CBT, ERP, DBT, and EFFT.  Natalie also utilizes approaches geared towards young children including Circle of Security, Reflective Family Play, and other attachment-based interventions. 

Tatiana Ortiz, BSW, MSW, RSW

Registered Social Worker

Tatiana provides therapy to children in their early years (infants, toddlers, pre-K) up to children of 12 years, as well as adults. Over the years, Tatiana has had experiences working in a variety of settings including community mental health, and shelters for women and children affected by domestic violence. Tatiana is a strong believer in the hope that therapy may be able to provide individuals with a space to form a deeper connection to who they are, and help to forge a path to where they really want to be. Tatiana is dedicated and compassionate in her approach, and is motivated to learn about who you are. What people feel they need from therapy can be very different depending on the challenges going on. Whether it’s anxiety, coping with trauma or trying to understand the impact of trauma, adjusting to a significant life transition (like being a parent), navigating behavioural challenges with your child or something more, Tatiana’s focus is in creating a safe space where you feel seen, heard, believed and understood.

Tatiana has experience and training with various types of therapies and areas of concern including attachment-based interventions, play-based interventions, Narrative Therapy, Emotion Focused Family Therapy, working with trauma, and early childhood mental health and development. Tatiana has a passion for supporting moms and their babies, especially in helping to evolve the bond and relationship between them. Tatiana uses her skills to meet each client’s individual needs, and has a strong background in providing trauma informed therapy.